Stephen N. Elliott

Stephen N. Elliott - (Member)
Arizona State University
Inclusive assessment
Inclusive Academic Assessment

Steve is the founding Director of the Learning Sciences Institute, a trans-university research enterprise at Arizona State University, and is the Phil & Amy Mickelson Foundation Professor of Education. He received his doctorate at Arizona State University in 1980 and has been on the faculty at several major research universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Vanderbilt University. At Wisconsin (1987-2004), Steve was a professor of educational psychology and served as the Associate Director of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. At Vanderbilt (2004-2010), he was the Dunn Family Professor of Educational and Psychological Assessment in the Special Education Department and directed the Learning Sciences Institute and Dunn Family Scholars Program.

Steve’s research focuses on scale development and educational assessment practices. In particular, he has published articles on (a) the assessment of children's social skills and academic competence, (b) the use of testing accommodations and alternate assessment methods for evaluating the academic performance of students with disabilities for educational accountability, and (c) students’ opportunities to learn the intended curriculum. His scholarly and professional contributions have been recognized by his colleagues in education and psychology research as evidenced by being selected as an American Psychological Association Senior Scientist in 2009. Steve consults with state assessment leaders on the assessment and instruction of PreK-12 students is the Director of Research and Scientific Practice for the Society of the Study of School Psychology.

Starting in June 2011, Steve will co-direct (with Gerald Tindal at University of Oregon) the National Research and Development Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education. This center is an IES funded, 5-year project that focuses on growth modeling and understanding academic achievement of students with disabilities.

Stephen N. Elliott Mentees (1983-2011)

Mary Von Brock Thesis (December 1985); University Faculty
Lillee Clark Dissertation (October 1986); Private Practitioner
Timothy Turco Dissertation (June 1987); University Faculty & School Psychologist
Donna Powless - Thesis (January 1990), Dissertation (December 1995); School Psychologist
Pamela Fenning - Thesis (June 1990), Dissertation (December 1992); University Faculty
DeAnna McKinnie - Thesis (August 1990); School Psychologist
Patrick Nolten - Thesis (December 1991), Dissertation (August 1994); Faculty & Sch Psych
Randy T. Busse - Thesis (March 1992), Dissertation (August 1996); University Faculty
Todd Gorges - Thesis (October 1992), Dissertation (December, 1999); School Psychologist
Mary Beth Kanard - Thesis (August 1993); School Psychologist
Sherry Robertson-Mjaanes - Thesis (September 1993), Dissertation (May, 1999); Sch Psych
Rose Marie Firle - Thesis (November 1993); School Psychologist
Sara Anderson Ousdigian - Thesis (March 1994), Dissertation (September 2000); Sch Psych
Michelle Kilpatrick Demaray - Thesis (August 1994), Dissertation (February 1998); Faculty
Caroline Racine - Thesis (September 1994); School Psychologist
Stacey Ruffalo - Thesis (September 1994); School Psychologist
Amy Olson - Thesis (August 1995); School Psychologist
Christine Malecki - Thesis (May 1995), Dissertation (October 1997); University Faculty
Eva Kubinski - Thesis (December 1996); School Psychologist
Aleta Gilbertson Schulte - Thesis (June 1997), Dissertation (June 2000); School Psychologist
James DiPerna - Thesis (June 1997), Dissertation (June 1999); University Faculty
Kathy Lepage - Dissertation (May 1998); School Psychologist
Brian McKevitt - Thesis (May 1998), Dissertation (August 2001); School Psychologist
Michelle Montgomery - Dissertation (October 1998); University Faculty & School Psychologist
William Seymour - Dissertation (July 1999); School Psychologist
Ann Marquart- Dissertation (July 2000); University Faculty
Andy Mroch – Thesis (May 2002)
Ryan J. Kettler– Thesis (September 2002), Dissertation (August 2005), University Faculty
Andrew Roach – Thesis (October 2002), Dissertation (December 2004), University Faculty
Bradley Niebling – Thesis (November 2002), Dissertation (July 2004), School Psychologist
Nan Huai – Thesis (May 2003), Dissertation (November 2004), University Faculty
Sylvia Lang – Thesis (July 2003), Dissertation (April 2005), School Psychologist
Deitra Gibson – Thesis (August 2003), Dissertation (August 2005), School Psychologist
Elizabeth Feldman – Thesis (November 2004)
Jason Hurwitz – Thesis (December 2004)
Corey Ray – Thesis (April 2005)
Elizabeth Witter Freeman – Thesis (September 2005)
Alexander Kurz - Thesis (May 2007), Dissertation (September 2011)
Kerry Woods (University of Melbourne) – Dissertation 2010
Peter Beddow - Dissertation (January 2011)