School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference

School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference

The School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference (SPRCC) is a unique opportunity for emerging scholars in the field to work hand-in-hand with top researchers and other emerging scholars in the field of school psychology. Sponsored by the Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP), the SPRCC enhances the research efforts and skills of early career researchers who conduct psychological research relevant to education and the practice of psychology in the schools. The conference facilitates multi-site research by encouraging interactions between early career researchers and senior researchers. SSSP recognizes that multi-site projects allow the possibility for research that draws on broader ranges of expertise, larger samples, more varied populations, and a variety of methodologies to answer theoretical and empirically derived questions. Collaboration among conference attendees will result in researchers being able to address complex and important problems relevant to education and the practice of psychology in the schools.

The principal attendees of the biannual SPRCC include: (a) early-career psychological researchers; (b) senior researchers (i.e., catalyst scholars) interested in mentoring early-career researchers and serving as project consultants; and (c) researchers/school systems interested in collaborating on multi-site projects. In addition, staff members from public and private research funding agencies and foundations that support research relevant to school psychology are encouraged to participate.

The 2015 SPRCC will precede the annual convention of the National Association of School Psychologists and will take place February 15-16, 2015 at the Swan & Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida! The format will include presentations of interest to early scholars and emphasize focused group discussions among those with related research interests.

David Hulac, Chair
University of South Dakota
Bryn Harris, Co-Chair
University of Colorado, Denver
Steve Kilgus, Committee member
University of Missouri
Anisa Goforth, Committee member
University of Montana
Ed Shapiro, SSSP Executive Committee Liaison
Lehigh University

Sunday, February 15, 2014

12:00 – Registration

12:30 – Introductions

1:00 – Previous Participants Panel – How to Get the Most from SPRCC

1:45 – 5:00 – Breakout Groups


Monday, February 16, 2014

8:00 - Breakfast

8:30-9:30 – Senior Scholar Panel – Developing a Research Line and Future Trends in School Psychology

9:30-11:30 – Breakout Groups

11:30 – 12:00 – Closing Session


Catalysts and Early Career Scholars:




Behavioral Interventions

Developmental Disabilities

Bullying Prevention

Academic Interventions

Multi-tier Mental Health Supports

Catalyst Scholar

William Erchul

Amy Briesch

Brad Dufrene

Dorothy Espelage

Robin Codding

Beth Doll

Early Career Scholars

Collier-Meek, Melissa A.

Fischer, Aaron J.

Schultz, Brandon K.

Zoder-Martell, Kimberly

Bender, Stacy L.

Chin, Jenna K.

Dever, Bridget

Hendricker, Elise

Miller, Faith

Radley, Keith

Weaver, Adam

Mezher, Katy


Talapatra, Devadrita


Wilcox, Gabrielle

La Salle, Tamika P.

Parris, Leandra

Wang, Cixin

Brown, Jacqueline

Henze, Erin


Petersen-Brown, Shawna

Reynolds, Jennifer L.

Weber, Rachel

Arora, Prerna

Collins, Tai A.

Dart, Evan

Splett, Joni



  • The request for applications for the Spring 2015 SSSP Early Career Research Awards is now available. Applications are due April 1, 2015
  • The request for applications for the Spring 2015 SSSP Dissertation Grant Awards is now available. Applications are due March 9th at 5pm Eastern Time.
  • Visit the Early Career Forum: Click here to view.
  • The 2015 School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference will be held February 15-16 in Orlando, Florida.
  • The SSSP Membership Meeting and Reception will be held on Wednesday, February 18th at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, Orlando, FL. The Membership Meeting will be held from 5pm - 6pm in the Swan 2 Room on the Ballroom Level. The Reception will follow from 6pm - 7:30pm in the Lark Room on the Ballroom level.
  • ISPA/SSSP International School Psychology Research Initiative. Applications due on or before October 1 each year.
  • Congratulations to Stacy Overstreet, who has been announced as President-Elect of SSSP, with an appointment effective January 1, 2015!
  • Bill Erchul is ending a three year term as President-Elect (2012) of SSSP, President (2013), and Past-President (2014). Thank you, Bill, for your dedication and outstanding service to SSSP!
  • Four new members have joined SSSP! Congratulations to Gary Canivez, Steve Hooper, Kent McIntosh, and Julie Owens!
  • Congratulations to all of the award winners announced at the SSSP meeting at the 2014 APA Convention:
    • Susan M. Sheridan, Ji Hoon Ryoo, S. Andrew Garbacz, Gina M. Kunz, and Frances L. Chumney won the 2013 JSP Article of the Year award!
    • Brandy Clarke, S. Andrew Garbacz, and Natasha K. Segool won JSP Early Career Research Awards! Click here for more information on these projects.
    • Robin Codding and Robert Volpe are the first awardees of the Mid-Career Scholar Research Initiative!
    • Xianyou He and Xishan Huang received awards through through the SSSP-IPSA International Initiatives Committee!