February 2015 – Orlando, FL

Catalyst and Early Career Scholars:



Behavioral Interventions

Developmental Disabilities

Bullying Prevention

Academic Interventions

Multi-tier Mental Health Supports

Catalyst Scholar

William Erchul

Amy Briesch

Brad Dufrene

Dorothy Espelage

Robin Codding

Beth Doll

Early Career Scholars

Collier-Meek, Melissa A.


Fischer, Aaron J.


Schultz, Brandon K.


Zoder-Martell, Kimberly

Bender, Stacy L.


Chin, Jenna K.


Dever, Bridget


Hendricker, Elise


Miller, Faith


Radley, Keith


Weaver, Adam

Mezher, Katy


Talapatra, Devadrita


Wilcox, Gabrielle

La Salle, Tamika P.


Parris, Leandra


Wang, Cixin


Brown, Jacqueline

Henze, Erin 



Petersen-Brown, Shawna


Reynolds, Jennifer L.


Weber, Rachel

Arora, Prerna


Collins, Tai A.


Dart, Evan


Splett, Joni


Planning Committee:

David Hulac, Chair

Bryn Harris, Co-Chair

Steve Kilgus

Anisa Goforth

Ed Shapiro, SSSP Executive Committee Liaison


  • The RFA for the 2017 Shapiro Mid-Career Scholar Research Initiative is now available! Applications are due August 1, 2017 at 5pm Eastern Time. Donwload RPF
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