February 2011 – San Francisco, CA

Catalyst and Early Career Scholars:


Academic / Behavioral Assessment and RtI

Assessment and Intervention: Language and Culture

Multicultural Issues and Resilience

Reading Interventions

Cognitive Assessment and Health Issues

Curriculum-Based Measurement

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Catalyst Scholar(s)

Rachel Brown-Chidsey

Craig Albers

Russ Skiba

Louise Spear-Swerling

Randy Floyd

Ted Christ

Rob Volpe

Early Career Scholars

Erin Dowdy


Amy Briesch


Sara Whitcomb


Amy Scott


Matthew Quirk

Amanda Sullivan


Bryn Harris


DeMarquis Hayes


Geraldine Oades-Sese


Marlene Sotelo-Dynega


Victoria Comerchero

llison Dempsey


Amity Noltemeyer


Kwon Kyongboon


Sherrie Proctor

Amanda Marcotte


Jamie Zibulsky


Nathan Clemens

Angel Canto


Eric Pierson


Erin Rotheram-Fuller


Michelle Perfect

David Hulac


Jamie Fearrington


Melina Keller-Margulis


Sterett Mercer


Scott Methe

Julia Ogg


Maria Rogers


Planning Committee:

Carrie Ball

Rebecca Martinez, Chair

Craig Rush, Co-Chair

Elise Cappella