Archived Webinar - Demystifying Academia: Faculty Roles and Opportunities (read and listen here)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Division 16 webinar, Demystifying Academia: Faculty Roles and Opportunities. Bryn and I were very pleased to join Prerna Arora and Jacquie Brown in talking about how to prepare for faculty positions in school psychology. If you have any questions that weren't answered during the webinar, feel free to post them in the comment section here, and we'll respond soon. Listen to the full webinar here

Thank you for providing the

Thank you for providing the great information. I found it all very helpful! A great follow up webinar would be one focusing on the process of applying for academic jobs (finding the postings, interviews, preparing a job talk etc).

Thanks for sharing!

The webinar was very

The webinar was very informative and I understood more about what to expect if I want to become a faculty member. The Q&A session was also well conducted with questions I wanted answered for a long time. The presenters were willing to share their experience in great detail.

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