Each spring, SSSP invites proposals for the funding of research projects by early career school psychologists. The major goal of ECRA is to support projects that are innovative; have the potential of advancing the science of school psychology by producing new knowledge or empirical findings; and incorporate methods that are rigorous, replicable, and clearly delineated. In recent years, the ECRA program has accounted for more than half of SSSP's total funding outlay for research awards. Requests for Proposals are announced on major school psychology listservs.

Previous Recipients

1. PI – Suzanne Bamonto Graney; Mentor - Kelly Powell-Smith; $8,000.

1. PI – Robin Hojnoski/Kristen Missall; Mentor – Edward S. Shapiro; $9,860.
2. PI – Timothy Cleary; Mentor – Barry Zimmerman; $9,051.
3. PI – Merilee McCurdy; Mentor – Susan M. Sheridan; $11,089.
4. PI – Amy Reschly; Mentor – E. Scott Huebner; $9,870.
5. PI – Romilia Romínguez de Ramirez; Mentor – Thomas W. Kubiszyn; $12,791.

1. PI – Elise Capella; Mentor – Marc Atkins; $12,270.
2. PI – Ryan Kettler/ Craig Albers; Mentor – Thomas R. Kratochwill; $14,900.
3. PI – Jennifer Mautone; Mentor – Thomas J. Power; $13,658.
4. PI – Scott Methe/ John Begeny; Mentor – Ann C. Shulte; $13,873.

1. PI – Renee O. Hawkins; Mentor – David W. Barnett; $15,739.
2. PI – G. Thomas Schanding; Mentor – Thomas W. Kubiszyn; $15,488.
3. PI – Rebecca J. Bulotsky Shearer; Mentor – Paul A. McDermott; $14,515.

1. PI – Amanda Marcotte; Mentor – Tanya L. Eckert; $15,960.
2. PI – Amy M. Briesch; Mentor – Sandra M. Chafouleas; $11,655.
3. PI – Sterett H. Mercer; Mentor – Heather Sterling-Turner; $10,390.
4. PI – Gina Coffee; Mentor – Thomas R. Kratochwill; $15,855.

1. PI – Julia Ogg; Mentor – Robert Volpe; $14,993.
2. PI – Jamilia J. Blake; Mentor – Jan N. Hughes; $15,000.
3. PI – Nathan Clemens; Mentor – Deborah Simmons; $12,730.
4. PI – Brian C. McKevitt; Mentor – Lisa Kelly-Vance; $12,952.

1. PI – Erin Dowdy/Matthew P. Quirk; Mentor – Michael J. Furlong; $16,997.
2. PI – Jamie Yarbrough Fearrington; Mentor – Theodore J. Christ; $13,756.
3. PI – Amy E. Luckner; Mentor – Amanda B. Nickerson; $11,808.
4. PI – Kristin M. Rispoli; Mentor – Susan M. Sheridan; $16,169.

1. PI – Margaret T. Floress; Mentor – Wendy M. Reinke; $16,107.
2. PI – Milena Keller-Margulis; Mentor – Edward S. Shapiro; $19,530.
3. PI – Stephen Kilgus/Katie R. Eklund; Mentor – Sandra M. Chafouleas; $14,427.
4. PI – Kyongboon Kwon; Mentor – Susan M. Sheridan; $15,173.

1. PI – Brandy Clarke; Mentor – Susan M. Sheridan; $19,889.
2. PI – S. Andrew Garbacz; Mentor – Susan M. Sheridan and Robert Horner; $19,996.
3. PI – Natasha Segool; Mentor – James C. DiPerna; $17,780.

1. PI – Aaron Fischer; Mentor – William Erchul; $19,917.
2. PI – Judith Harrison; Mentor – Steve Evans; $19,883.
3. PI – Joe Nese; Mentor – Gerry Tindal; $9,704.
4. PI – Brandon Schultz; Mentor – Steve Evans; $17,780.

Since 2011, SSSP has sponsored a Dissertation Grant Award competition. The central purpose is to promote excellence in research training in school psychology and thereby enhance the capability of doctoral students to then pursue productive research careers that further the science of school psychology. Requests for proposals are typically made in spring and fall, and are announced on major school psychology listservs.

Previous Recipients

Spring 2011
1. PI - David Parker, University of Minnesota; Mentor - Matthew Burns; “Mechanisms of change in CBT for depressed youth”; $1,203.
2. PI - Prerna Arora, University of Texas; Mentor - Kevin Stark; $1,505.

Fall 2011
1. PI - Carolyn Hayter, Michigan State University; Mentor - Evelynn Oka; “Effectiveness of an online video modeling intervention for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders”; $4,778.
2. PI - Sarah Rowe, Michigan State University; Mentor - Sara Bolt; “Teacher and student acceptability of reading curriculum-based measurement”; $5,000.

Spring 2012
1. PI - Laura Morena, University of Georgia; Mentor - Scott Ardoin; “Investigating the behaviors underlying reading fluency using eye-tracking technology”; $3,700.
2. PI - Sarah Fefer, University of South Florida; Mentor - Julia Ogg; “A Novel measurement approach for a complex phenomenon: Positive illusions among adolescents with ADHD and depressive symptoms”; $5,000.

Fall 2012
1. PI - Julia Englund, University of South Carolina; Mentor – Scott Decker; “Developing the first theoretically guided online working memory measure”; $5000.
2. PI – Gregory Callan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Mentor – Timothy Cleary; “Measuring self-regulated learning during mathematical problem solving”; $5000.

Spring 2013
1. PI – Maggie Altschaefl, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mentor – Thomas Kratochwill; “Promoting treatment integrity of parent- and teacher-delivered math fluency interventions: An adult behavior change intervention”; $4800.
2. PI – Brittany Bice-Urbach, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mentor – Thomas Kratochwill; “Teleconsultation: The use of technology to improve evidence-based practices in rural communities”; $5000.
3. PI – Michael Coutts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Mentor – Susan Sheridan; “Conjoint behavioral consultation via distance delivery (CBC-D): An evaluation of efficacy and acceptability”; $5000.

Fall 2013
1. PI- Kirra Guard; Lehigh University; Mentor- Ed Shapiro; “Highly decodable reading passages as a first-grade screening measure:  A validation study”; $5000
2. PI - Page Mission, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mentor- Craig Albers; "Social-emotional and behavioral assessment in culturally and linguistically diverse learner populations:  An examination of the validity and reliability of the Social Skills Improvement System in school-aged Spanish speaking English language learners”; $5000
3. PI - Stephanie Secord, Northern Illinois University; Mentor - Michelle Demaray; "The Protective role of social support and the relations among cyber and traditional victimization, depression, and suicidal ideation"; $2566

Spring 2014
1. PI – Ashley Dubin, University of Georgia; Mentor: Rebecca Leiberman-Betz; “Effects of classroom-implemented prelinguistic milieu teaching on social-communication skills in preschoolers with or at-risk for ASD”; $5000
2. PI – Tori E. Foster, University of Georgia;  Mentor: Scott Ardoin; “Monitoring eye movements to measure reading behavior and instructional effect”; $5000
3. PI – Shannon R. Holmes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Mentor: Susan Sheridan; “Determining the operative elements to improve parent-teacher relationships during conjoint behavioral consultation”; $5000
4. PI – Jeffrey D. Shahidullah, Michigan State University;Mentor: John Carlson; “An integrated behavioral health treatment for ADHD referrals in pediatric primary care: Empirical evaluation of clinical improvement, acceptability, adherence, and cost of care”; $5000

Fall 2014
1. PI - Leah Dembitzer, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Mentor - Ryan J. Kettler; “Universal design and accommodations: Accessibility, reliability, and validity”; $5,000.
2. PI - Sara Marie Hinojosa, University of South Florida; Mentor - Julia Ogg; “Teacher child interaction therapy: An ecological approach to intervening with young children”; $3,522.

Spring 2015
1. PI - Andrea Zawoyski, University of Georgia; Mentor - Scott Ardoin; “Examining eye movements of elementary students during reading comprehension assessment: A closer look at the impact of test-taking strategies and question format”; $4,980.
2. PI - Erin Knight, University of Houston; Mentor - Jan Bacher; “Gaining an understanding: Growth in literacy as related to deficits associated with ASD”; $5,000.

The Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP) announces a new initiative designed to support and facilitate the research future of mid-career scholars.  The primary purpose of this initiative is to provide mentorship toward the acquisition of external funding through federal and foundation resources.

Previous Recipients


1. Mid-Career Scholar: Robin Codding; Senior Scholar: Karen Stoiber.
2. Mid-Career Scholar: Robert Volpe; Senior Scholar: Steve Evans.

Requests for proposals are announced on major school psychology listservs.

International Research Grant

SSSP is dedicated to advancing the science of school psychology in the United States and globally. For the past few years, SSSP has collaborated with the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) to encourage international research on topics of importance to school psychology. To achieve this goal, SSSP has funded research projects conducted in a country outside of the United States that have strong potential to make an important and original contribution to the field.

View the International School Psychology Association homepage

View an application for an ISPA research project

Previous Recipients

Dr. Xianyou He & Dr. Xishan Huang; South China Normal University, China; "School Climate, Bullying, Student Engagement and Classroom Management Techniques: Differences between China and the U.S."

Dr. Michael Grosche; University of Wuppertal, Germany; “Cross‐cultural development and evaluation of a universal behavior screening tool in schools."