• Congratulations to Amanda Nickerson, the 2015 JSP Reviewer of the Year! View all winners
  • Congratulations to Holly Schindler, Jenya Kholoptseva, Soojin Oh, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Greg Duncan, Katherine Magnuson, & Jack Shonkoff, authors of the 2015 JSP Article of the Year! View all winners
  • Congratulations to Erin Knight and Andrea Zawoyski, winners of the Fall 2015 Dissertation Grant Awards!
  • The SSSP meetings at the 2016 APA convention will be held August 4th: Board Meeting from 12 to 4; Member Meeting from 5 to 6; Member Reception from 6 to 7. All locations are to be determined.
  • The Call for applications to the 2017 School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference is now available! The conference will precede the 2017 APA convention. Applications are due October 1, 2016!

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